Kopfüber (Head First)(2016)


“In the summer of 2011, Daniel dived head first into the water. This dive turned his life inside out forever. He has been a paraplegic ever since. Conjuring up a tempest of real and animated images, the filmmaker portrays his life with this extreme experience. Because Daniel may have a broken neck, but his will to live is unbreakable. And the wheelchair he’s in may seem like an all-powerful signal of personality, but it transports very little of who Daniel really is.”  (Ralph Eue, DOK Leipzig)


Nashorn im Galopp (2013)

I contributed on the script, did the translation and helped with the editing.


Bruno is making his way through the city searching for its soul. Driven by his curiosity, a challenging imagination and his wild reflection on reality he is lifting the old dusty curtain on the city‘s crusted perception. Bruno is collecting patterns, spaces and surfaces, showing us the city as we have never seen it before.

  • Release Date: 12.02.2013
  • Director: Erik Schmitt
  • Cinematography: Johannes Louis
  • Producer: Detailfilm
  • Cast: Marleen Lohse, Tino Mews
  • Awards (excerpt): Future Filmmaker Award, Palm Springs Int. ShortFest; Jury Diploma, Golden Apricot Int. Film Festival; Best Short Film Award, Shorts at moonlight; Best Short Film Award, Fünf Seen Film Festival; Audience Award Favorite Short Film, Cambridge Film Festival; Jury Award, Shnit Int. Shortfilmfestival; Best Selection Award, Kachsiung Film Festival

Nun Sehen Sie Folgendes (2010)

In this film you will see the following:
A black background and close-ups, a nice young guy, an older man with a moustache, the alluring beauty from the movies, and two – no – one grandmother as a symbol of experience and wisdom.

  • Year: 2010
  • Directors: Stephan Müller, Erik Schmitt
  • Cinematography: Erik Schmitt
  • Producer: Daniel Thomaser
  • Cast: Folke Renken, Antonia von der Goltz, Erna Schiller, Stephan Müller
  • Awards (excerpts): FFA Short Tiger 2011, Deutscher Kurzfilmpreis 2011, Interfilm Eject Award 2011, Puplikumspreis La.Meka 2011

International Short Film Festival Hamburg (2010)

The International Short Film Festival Hamburg has a long tradition of asking filmmakers who already participated successfully in the festival to make the official trailer for the festival.

In 2010 for the 26th edition of the festival they asked us to make the trailer and the guys from Kamerapferd came up with the crazy idea, which consists of only a single shot.

  • Year: 2010
  • Directors: Stephan Müller, Erik Schmitt
  • Cinematography: Norwin Hatschbach
  • Producer: Daniel Thomaser
  • Cast: Antonia Goltz, Stefan Butt, Mr. Gold, uvm.

Nicht nur der Himmel ist blau (2009)

Four young and highly ideological Berliners turn into a gonzo Eco Guerrilla. Their goal: to get the people to fly less, and somehow find a way to save the planet. Without any money or help from outside, the quartet depend only on their ingenious inventiveness.

  • Directors: Stephan Müller, Erik Schmitt
  • Cinematography: Erik Schmitt
  • Producer: Daniel Thomaser
  • Cast: Elsa Loy, Oliver Walser, David Kosock
  • Awards (excerpt): Filmapalooza, Las Vegas (Best Film), FILMZ, Mainz (Best Short Film), Konstanzer Kurzfilmspiele (Audience Award), 48h Film Project, Berlin (Best Film, Audience Award), Short at Moonlight, Mainz (Best Film), Radar Hamburg International Independent Film Festival (Best Short)

MINI 50 Years. Birthday Commercial. (2009)

A 15 sec commercial which aired in several countries. I worked as the director’s assitant and was involved through the whole process, from developing the idea to actually shooting it in Bareclona.

It was the first time I worked with the amazingly talented stop-motion artist Stephan Müller and many projects did follow…

Solartaxi – Around the World With the Sun (2010)


In 2007 I was sent to India by a Berlin based agency to produce a series of Youtube clips of a mad adventurer who had built his own solar car and who was apparently on a mission to circumnavigate the world.

I had no idea of the size of the project I had stumbled upon.2 years, 50.000km, almost 40 countries, and 200 hours of footage later, I slowly start to understand.

Infografik Solartaxi


The mad adventurer turned out to be a likable swiss school teacher called Louis Palmer. Together with a young crew of highly motivated volunteers, he drove the so-called Solartaxi around the whole globe.

While everyone else seems to be stuck in endless debates on how to reduce CO2-emissions by a few percent, or how to deal with the disastrous effects of drilling oil underwater, Louis‘ simple little car was able to show one thing: alternative energies work.

The Solartaxi arrives in Dubai

The Solartaxi arrives in Dubai

I am happy to have been able to shoot this documentary . The light-hearted story of the Solartaxi is one that everyone in these days of change should hear about. Enjoy it.
– Erik Schmitt, 2010