as a lot of people keep asking what exactly happened, I guess it’s time to write a little update.

On August 28th 2011 I broke my neck when I jumped on a bank of sand in the Danube. The result is a traumatic spinal core injury, which lead to a complete paralysis of most parts of my body. This means now I am only able to move/feel my head, my shoulders and parts of my arms/hands. Most likely for the rest of my life.

That sucks. It really does. But it could be worse. It’s not a deadly disease, it’s a condition. And I will get used to it. The pain will go away, the remaining muscles will grow stronger and I will learn to do some cool tricks with my wheelchair.

Life is good, so don’t waste your time pitying me. (on second thought: maybe a little bit would be nice from time to time…)

It looks like I am going to be back in Berlin around May. I think that’s a good reason to throw a big party. See you there.


– January 08, 2012